Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Join OMOD

man in blue shirt and glasses speaking at a podium

Greetings Everyone! This is Eric, your friendly OMOD project coordinator, here with my top five reasons why you should join the OMOD team. We are constantly seeking new self-advocates to participate in OMOD, so I encourage you all to read this and see if OMOD is the right program for you or for one of…

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The Future of Me

Group Photo 2nd OMOD Showcase

First and foremost, I’d like to wish you all a happy May the Fourth day! May the force be with you as you navigate your Thursday afternoons! In this blog, I want to share with you all what I will be up to now that our grant from the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (TCDD),…

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OMOD San Antonio

San Antonio group in packed cafateria

Hey everyone! This is your friendly OMOD project coordinator here with the latest in OMOD news. Over the past six weeks, we took the OMOD program on the road yet again – this time to San Antonio. We partnered with the Center for Higher Independence (CHI) at Providence Place to provide an OMOD class to…

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A Tale of Two Showcases, Part 2

Chris coaches Adam on his speech during rehearsal

After the whirlwind journey of our OMOD showcase in Austin, we hit the road to do the same thing in Houston. (Read all about Austin in Part 1 here!) Despite our hopes for an early departure last Friday (the 13th, as it turned out), we arrived at the Alley Theatre with only 15 minutes to…

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A Tale of Two Showcases, Part 1

Chris laughs while I present my story in class.

(Photos by Camille Wheeler) I have a bad habit of doing things backwards. In college, I completed my freshman composition requirements as a super senior. I moved to Austin before I had a job or even a place to live. Most recently, I completed an OMOD class as a student after having led several OMOD…

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OMOD Conference Season & Other Happenings

OMOD speaker Renee kicks off our session

Greetings devoted blog readers! It’s Eric here, and I’d like to share some recent happenings in my life as OMOD project coordinator: At the start of each summer, while many Austinites prepare themselves for three months of near-suffocating heat with a full Netflix instant watch list and prayers that the A/C doesn’t break, we here…

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